CEO, Chair, Chatelle Lunt

Chantelle Lunt is a writer, public speaker, educator entrepreneur, and activist. She has a professional background in Public Services, including her work in policing and children’s social care. Chantelle owns a mobile Juice and smoothie bar ‘The Little Green Juice Box’ and writes for independent publications and blogs. Chantelle is an advocate of racial equality, having experienced racism throughout her life, particularly during her service as a Police Officer. She is the founder of Merseyside BLM Alliance - one of the most proactive anti-racist groups in Merseyside. Chantelle is also the chair of Merseyside Alliance for Racial Equality CIC, a non-profit organization committed to ensuring that people are not racially discriminated against and have their needs responded to at a community level. Additionally, Chantelle is a freelance educator, working for organisations, such as the Black Curriculum, to decolonize the curriculum and empower young people by engaging them in the study of black history.

Chantelle Lunt

Josiah Raphael

Having lived, studied and worked all across the UK, Josiah has dedicated much of his life to engaging with his local communities. With a background in local government and education, he now works as a County Court Advocate across the North West on his path to qualifying as a lawyer. Amidst the rise of the largest civil rights movement in history – Black Lives Matter – Josiah became one of the leaders of BLM Warrington and a part of the team behind Merseyside BLM Alliance; he now helps to organise events, build community relations and is a regular guest speaker. He is also a strategic consultant for Agida, a local organisation committed to cultural integration, education and community empowerment. In his own time, Josiah runs Frivolous Arguments, a personal project used to speak about a variety of topics – in particular, his legal journey, racial inequality and mental health awareness.

Paul McGowan

Paul is a human rights campaigner who been fighting for equality and social justice for their entire adult life; mainly focusig on racial equality ad LGBT+ Rights. They were the first ever elected LGBT+ representative for Liverpool Walton CLP and Liverpool Momentum. Paul has collaboratively campaigned and spoken alongside LGBT+ and human Rights organisations along with organizing education events on LGBT+ rights. Paul also founded a national Network of LGBT+ activists in 2018, and also the United We Stand - Solidarity Network, a platform for organizing, campaigning, helping set up liberation groups and working with marginalized groups to promote collective solidarity.

Josiah Raphael
Paul L. McGowan